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    TYR Sport is an American manufacturer of competitive swim and triathlon apparel. TYR.com is their e-commerce website where their products are sold online.

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    E-commerce Associate

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    • Assist in the daily operations of the TYR e-commerce website.
    • Responsible of creating and coding Email Marketing campaigns sending them through Mailchimp.
    • Create and analyze metrics for new and existing features to evaluate performance and determine improvements.
    • Research and implement UI/UX improvements to increase conversion rates, while providing the customer a satisfying buying experience.
    • Make SEO enchancements that are provided through the utilization of the Brightedge Platform.
    • Monitor KPI relationships and optimize to ensure that improving one KPI doesn’t come at the cost of another.

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    Content Management System

    Magento | WordPress

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    Photoshop | Dreamweaver | Illustrator | Mailchimp | Google Analytics | Brightedge

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    • Redesign Store Locator Page
    • Redesign Start to Swim

Start to Swim – Before
Tasks: Create a more visually appealing and user friendly start to swim landing page to learn more about the products.
Start to Swim – After
End Result: Full-width Responsive Design | Hi-Res Images with products being used | Description about products | Search Engine Optimized | HTML Video using AWS
Store Locator – Before
Tasks: Create a more visually appealing and user friendly store locator.
Store Locator – After
End Result: Adjusted the colors and fonts to fit theme | Created hover state for locations | Created Pinpoint Icon for locations

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