Barn Bashers

Barn Bashers
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    Barn Bashers is a quick local multiplayer 4 person fruit collecting game. Players play as farmers starting in opposite corners of the screen. The objective for each player is to collect as much fruit as possible before the end of the game which is sixty second long. Players are able to attack opposing players in order to get them to drop the fruit they are attempting to carry back into their barn. Players need to be cautious of each other as well as the energy meter above each player. Energy depletes whenever an action is occurring (i.e. Walking, sprinting, and attacking). Fast paced,collecting, brawl game.

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    Lead Game Developer | Project Manager

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    Jon Mendez – Developer
    Cheng Zhang – Artist

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    • Ensuring the team was on track to meet deadlines.
    • Responsible of overall development work.
    • Submission of game to Indiecade.
    • UI/UX Designs
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    PC | MAC

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    Unity3D | Photoshop

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